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Kingdom Hearts X Bravely Default: Agnes Oblige :iconlam46:LAM46 2 1 Kingdom Hearts X Bravely Default: Tiz Arrior :iconlam46:LAM46 3 0
Possible Batman Idea: Huge Ass Timeframe
This is originally from my tumblr page, so apologies if parts of it are worded strangely:
This is kind of strange for me to be typing right now, but I have an idea for Batman and how his mythos fits into the greater DC universe. I started thinking of this after I saw the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I started to think about how the Batman there has already been through serious stuff, what with Robin dead. But then I started to think about Lego Batman for some reason and thought about the progression of events in the trilogy with the wider DC universe outside Batman coming into play. I also began thinking about the animated series (Batman: The Animated Series that is) and some stuff from the comics. (I haven’t really read the comics, but I do know a lot about them, I do lots of research into the source material) I also began thinking about the Batman: Arkham series and how it’s incorporated a lot of things from the multiple Batman sources into the game uni
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Sister writing anthology
Untitled 1:
Silver hair, long on his shoulders. Blowing in the wind. Next to the moon. Why is he on the cliff? Should I help him? He turns to look back at me. Did he notice me? Suddenly, he's behind me. I sense him and I feel his breathing, his heartbeat. He opens his mouth to say something.
Then I wake up, sit up, and sigh. Whenever I have that dream, I always wake up right as the sun comes up. I don't know why I dream about Alec so much ever since....
Untitled 2:
Dark Water? Dripping from the roof.
Who is the person that I admire the most? The person I admire the most is my older brother named Luis Moreno. He is 16 years old, he was born September 3rd, 1991. My brother loves monkeys and is crazy about chocolate; on Halloween, he was an Emo kid. It was funny, though out of all the candy, he pretty much ate the chocolate. But the real reason I admire him is infact because he is my older brother and because I don't.....
(Silent World):
Silence. The world is filled with silence. I
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Sister artwork 6 :iconlam46:LAM46 3 0 Sister artwork 5 :iconlam46:LAM46 4 0 Sister Artwork 4 :iconlam46:LAM46 3 0 Sister artwork 3 :iconlam46:LAM46 0 0 Anime Eyes :iconlam46:LAM46 3 2
Opening my eyes from the routine coma I'm thrown into every night, my vision focuses, my body aware. Aware of what? Touch. A cotton lies underneath my body and stretches to the ends of a bed. Sight. There is a fan, it's blades turning. They rotate like my thoughts of what it is to be good, of what it is to be evil. Two halves that at any given moment are never balanced.
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Sister Artwork 2 :iconlam46:LAM46 0 0 My sister's sketches 1 :iconlam46:LAM46 0 0
Nicktoons The Avengers Series Season 2: Assemble
Season 2:
Ep.1: The Avengers Initiative
Ep.3: The Battle of New York
Ep.4: Breakout pt. 1
Ep.5: Breakout pt. 2
Ep.6: Some Assembly Required
Ep.7: Tiger's Quest
Ep.8: Gamma World pt. 1
Ep.9: Gamma World pt. 2
Ep.10: Masters of Evil
Ep.11: 459
Ep.12: The Hunt for La Sombra
Ep.13: The Man who Stole Tomorrow
Ep.14: Come the Invader
Ep.15: The Zim Dynasty
Ep.16: Armaggedroid 2.0
Ep.17: Armaggedroid's Imperative
Ep.18: The Hostage Earth
Ep.19: Return to Fairy World
Ep.20: A Day Unlike Any Other
:iconlam46:LAM46 1 0
Nicktoons The Avengers Series Season 1: Origins
Season 1:
Ep.1: Turbo Thunder is Born
Ep.2: Eliminators
Ep.3: Destructinator
Ep.4: Thomas the Mighty
Ep.5: Journey into Mystery
Ep.6: My Brother, My Enemy
Ep.7: Turbo Thunder returns
Ep.8: War Machine
Ep.9: Armor Wars
Ep.10: The Incredible Jimmy
Ep.11: Throwdown at Culver University
Ep.12: Abomination
Ep.13: Meet Danny Phantom
Ep.14: Plasmius Strikes
Ep.15: Doomsday
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Nicktoons Unite The Avengers Character List
As Told by Ginger:
Ginger Foutley = Carol Danvers/ Ms. Marvel
Avatar: The Last Airbender:
Aang = Samuel Thomas "Sam" Wilson/Falcon
Zuko = Raza
Mai = Lucia Von Bardas
The Boulder = Terrax
Yangchen = Air Walker
Zhao = Firelord
Master Pakku = Stardust
Avatar: The Legend of Korra:
Hiroshi Sato = Bolivar Trask
Creator of the Fairly Oddparents, Danny Phantom, Crash Nebula, and T.U.F.F. Puppy:
Butch Hartman = President Matthew Ellis
Danny Phantom:
Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom = Steven Rogers/Captain America
Tucker Foley = James "Bucky" Barnes/The Winter Soldier
Samantha Manson = Margaret "Peggy" Carter
Mr. Lancer = Col. Chester Phillips
Skulker = Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan
Frostbite = Gabe Jones
Johnny 13 = Jim Morita
Wulf = Jacques Dernier
Ghostwriter = James Falsworth
Vlad Masters/Plasmius = Johann Schmidt/Red skull
Nickolai Technus = Arnim Zola
Desiree = Ophelia Sarkissian/Viper/Madame Hydra
Freakshow = Arcade
Ember McClain = Scorcher
Walker = Alexander Pierce
Vid = Georges Batroc
Download = Br
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The Alliance of Broken Hearts- Roi (WIP) :iconlam46:LAM46 7 0


The Flames vs. The Berserker (Kingdom Hearts) :iconx-memoire-x:x-Memoire-x 40 3 Kingdom Hearts: Sora :iconthepartyvengers:ThePartyvengers 16 1 True Friends :icontw-o:TW-O 23 24 Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary RE:connect style :iconadultimate:ADULTIMATE 29 5 Sora And The Masters Sum :iconsora-to-kuraudo:Sora-to-Kuraudo 6 0 MMD - Focus on me, only me. :iconlinhtsumio:LinhTsumio 68 5 Keyblade prop :iconmissdwidwi:MissDwidwi 4 0 Squishu :icongumwad201:Gumwad201 26 6 Diamond Dust (2017) :iconexusiasword:ExusiaSword 39 4 Lying Fairy (2017) :iconexusiasword:ExusiaSword 37 2 Welcome to 7th Heaven :iconclaarin:Claarin 117 8 Noctis and Lightning :iconwhitelightning008:WhiteLightning008 2 0 The Prince :iconwhitelightning008:WhiteLightning008 2 0 Prompto - Chocobo Child :iconcrimson-firelight:crimson-firelight 11 0 Witch Kairi in Halloween Town :iconportadorx:portadorX 21 10 2B shimeji :iconpin100:pin100 150 29


I've had this idea buzzing around in my head. This idea is a Steven Universe equivalent to the prelates from Sonic Universe. This article will explain them: It's an idea of the more questionable things done by gem-kind. The Shadowcast, as I call them (based off a type of ring), are ultimate weapons, completely unstoppable and can be made with either Gems or non-Gems. I hope this inspires awesome Steven Universe Fanfiction. I think that it'll generate some response from SU fans. If anyone sees this, please show other, hardcore, and creatively capable SU Fans because I feel that a lot of good and awesomeness can be squeezed and milked out of this idea. I would also like to ask anyone listening if they could make or at least point me in the direction of a Steven Universe AMV set to Ellie Goulding's Anything Could Happen. I think some of the lyrics are applicable to Steven Universe (after the war, we said we'd fight together/I guess we thought that's just what humans do/letting darkness grow, as if we need it's palette and we need it's color/but now I've seen it through and now I know the truth/that anything could happen). I'd like to see one, especially in light of Mirror/Ocean Gem. That'd be awesome-sauce. And I love the SU AMV "I Would be so pleased", but I feel that song is more "Pearl's feelings for Rose Quartz and Steven" than it being Pearl/Amethyst. What do you think? Last note: would you like to see a Steven Universe AMV based on Atlantis by Ellie Goulding? I would too. We have so much in common. What is happening here? Why, of course I'd to come to the kingdom of savings. Also, Steven Universe/Bioshock crossover. SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THAT A THING! PLEASE!


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Nothing really special about me. I was born in San Antonio, then we moved to North Carolina, my mom re-married to a marine who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, we moved to Arizona, then we moved to Austin, and back again to San Antonio.


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